God and ASDA

Stories and thoughts: past, present and future


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Why is my Blog called “God and Asda”? Well, basically, they are the two things around which my life revolves!

God is the easy one to understand, but ASDA?!!! Allow me to explain.

My lovely husband works for that well-known supermarket and so my life must fit in with his shifts. He doesn’t drive so I ferry him back and forth to perform his duties, always being “Happy to Help”. (Other supermarkets are available!)

I am a lady of leisure, too old to work (“they” say) but still fit enough to enjoy my life. I spend my days trying to keep out of mischief and somehow manage to fill hours of time when I have nothing to do with plenty to do. Does that make sense?

We live in a beautiful part of England where the sun always shines and it never rains – that’s the holiday brochure description! In truth this past year has been diabolical weather-wise, but I obtain comfort from the fact that we were not alone in our unseasonable weather.

Stover Country Park, Devon

So, what do I enjoy? Well, I enjoy the company of friends, laughing, knitting, having my nails painted aubergine with sparkles on top, Kit-Kat chunky bars (forbidden on my current (93rd) diet), good books, good grammar, theatre, music…. To name but a few. There will be more added as we go along.

I do hope you will enjoy reading my Blog – it’ll be a sort of potted history through my eyes. I doubt it will make a T.V. series but let’s see what unfolds.

As this is a new experience for me (I‘ve not long started using a mobile phone!), I hope you’ll forgive any errors and enjoy it for what it is – my first attempt to blog.


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