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I Want To Go Home

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Isn’t it strange when something you’ve been wondering about for ages suddenly becomes clear – when the penny drops?

I was sitting in church this morning when exactly that happened. The penny dropped as to something my Mum had said last year.

Mum died on 29th August last year. She was 97 years old and had taken a fall six weeks earlier. She broke her hip and, as many of you will know, at such a great age as this, that can very often result in the person not making it to full recovery.

My sister and I live quite close, so we and our respective husbands took turns in visiting Mum in hospital. At first she wasn’t too bad and we hoped that things would get better.

Of the three siblings, I am the only Christian, so all the praying was down to me. I never really knew whether or not Mum had ever asked Jesus into her life; it wasn’t a subject we talked about much when I was growing up. Nevertheless I lifted Mum daily to God in prayer, asking for His will to be done.

As time went on, Mum’s condition deteriorated and finally we had to accept that she wasn’t going to make it, despite the encouraging start.

We visited her daily and she was moved from the hospital into a home that specialised in end of life care. We were told that there was little they could do other than administer palliative care.

In the last two weeks of her life, Mum was almost delirious. She didn’t know us and we weren’t able to get through to her. All she would do was to keep repeating over and over “I want to go home.” “I want to go home.”

Did she mean she wanted to go home to be with Jesus, I wonder? I would like to think that’s what she meant.

Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. (1Corinthians 13 verse 12a)


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