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It’s Raining Again!

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How many times in the past year must those words have been uttered here in the U.K., I wonder?

We are experiencing some of the worst weather on record with floods and low temperatures almost non-stop throughout 2012, and still it continues into 2013. It’s been unseasonably cold most days and when the sun comes out it’s gone again in minutes.

Not that I’m complaining, you understand! However, it has served to remind me how fortunate we are living in this part of Britain. Even today there are places further north that still have remnants of a blizzard earlier in the week. So, be thankful for what you have (or don’t have!)

When we were kids we used to love the rain. “Put your wellies on!”, Mum would call as we ventured out. Splashing in puddles, making boats from fallen leaves and having races (making sure the other person didn’t deliberately sink yours!), creating dams thereby blocking the rainwater. Simple, but fun. We would build a shelter by bending branches of small bushes, and we’d have secret meetings in there. (Usually girls in one and boys in another). And afterwards, returning home, probably soaking wet and covered in mud, to a nice warm fire and crumpets with Golden Syrup on top for tea . (In the Midlands these are known as pikelets – don’t ask me why!).

(Life was certainly less stressful then!).

Talking about rain, I love the story of Noah’s Ark (Genesis chapters 6 to 9). It’s probably one of the first stories that children learn in school or Sunday school and in book shops and toy stores everywhere can be found stories and toys relating to this wonderful story.

I find it almost impossible to imagine how big the Ark must have been in order to contain two of every kind of creature. We’re told in the Bible that it was about 140 metres long, 23 metres wide and 13.5 metres high. (I was brought up in times of feet and inches, so that must be approximately 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high) – now that’s HUGE! and Noah built it with only the plans given to him by God, the Great Architect. He had no Site Manager; nor any delivery trucks bringing the wood and pitch. What he used he had to acquire himself and, with the aid of his sons, build the Ark according to the plan given him by God. The people around laughed at him – but he and his family were the only ones to survive the Flood

Noah had no SatNav to guide him, nor any idea how long they would be incarcerated, but in faith he did as he was told.

Most of us know that after forty days it stopped raining, Noah sent out a raven. The Flood had covered the whole earth so there was no living thing left. The bird returned with nothing on two occasions, but then Noah sent out a dove. The dove brought back an olive branch, to show that the water was abating. He sent it out again and again until it didn’t return. Noah then knew that it was time to leave the Ark.

And God promised that never again would He cover the earth with water. He made a rainbow as a sign of His promise.

What a wonderful story of obedience, faith and trust in God.

Why not re-read this wonderful story again – and put yourself right there in the Ark with Noah and his family.


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