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I Am So Small

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Whenever I’ve asked people what is their earliest recollection, I’ve almost always received a different answer. There are those who cannot remember a particular early recollection, others will pinpoint a particular event that was the earliest thing they remember, and one person I know claims to remember being born (which I find hard to believe, but who am I to question it?)

I fall into the second group. Judging by the ages of my siblings, I must have been about 4 or 5 years old at the time.

My father didn’t go through any military service during the war – I don’t know why that was – but instead he joined the Auxiliary Fire Service. You may have seen old film of the wartime fire fighters and I believe their work was just as important as any military service. He was often away for long spells having been sent to Plymouth and Coventry during the Blitz in 1940 (before I was born). However, when the war ended he stayed on in the A.F.S. for a short while.

My sister would have been about 7 or 8 at the time and Mum realised one day that Dad had forgotten to take his lunch to work. Big Sister was drafted in to go to the Fire Station. I so desperately wanted to go too, but was not allowed. “You are so small”, I was told. I couldn’t see the logic of this so I decided on Plan B – follow my sister at a discreet distance. All went well until we came to a junction. My sister could have taken either the left or the right fork – but which one? Big decision! “Eeny meeny miney mo, down which road should I go?”

Well, “Mo” won so off I went. There is now a gap in my memory so I have no idea for how long I walked until I realised that I was totally lost. My next recollection is of being dragged along by a very tall lady (I was so small). Then I was being asked a lot of questions by some nice policemen and ladies. “What’s your name?” (I knew the answer to that one); “Where do you live?” (Up the road“, I replied). I must have been quite distressed as I was then offered a sweet (remember “rationing”!). Looking around (in my adult imagination) I can see the exact layout of that room and one thing that stands out is that there was the tallest fireplace I had ever seen (I was so small!). I figured that the police persons must have been really tall as they were head and shoulders above it.

So, after a drink and (probably) another sweet, I was “grilled” again! “Where was Mummy?“ “Did she know I’d gone off?” (“I don’t know” is all I could say).
The next question I could answer. “Where is Daddy?” (“At work“); “Where’s that?” (“At the station”); “Which station?“ (The luggage station”, I replied). Bingo, they realised that Dad worked on the railway!! But, of course he didn’t!

There is now a further blank, but the next thing I recall was walking along the canal towpath holding the hand of a lady I didn’t know and suddenly seeing my Mum walking towards us pushing my brother in his pram. (How they managed to contact her I have no idea as we had no telephone at home.) I vividly remember rushing towards Mum and receiving a rather stern scolding. And of course “Just wait till your Dad gets home”.

Nevertheless, I lived to fight another day!

This set me thinking of just how small I am in God’s Creation. A tiny speck of humanity in a huge cosmos- but God loves me! He loves me.! This is absolutely mind-blowing. That the Creator of Heaven and Earth is interested in what I do – even though I’m still so small!

We are so small and He is so Great.

Jesus gave His life for me – and YOU – when He went to the Cross. He did this so that we can all be forgiven for wrong-doings past, present and future. Jesus loves you and wants you to be saved from a lost eternity. Why not come to Him now? Accept Him by faith now – it’s no good waiting until tomorrow, it may be too late.

Just one simple prayer, something like this can change your life forever.

“My Father in Heaven, I believe that Jesus is your Son. I believe that He came and died to pay the penalty for the wrong-doings I have committed. Please forgive me, Father. I ask You to give me the gift of eternal life through your Son Jesus. Come into my life and cause me to be born again. Amen”

God bless you.

Silently stars are rising in the endless night
I walk in thought, lost in the moon’s unearthly light
Wondering why the One who governs all I see
Would could care so deeply for a tiny being like me



You send the currents swirling circling the seas
Making the atoms dance to mystic rhapsodies
‘You flung the suns in burning radiance
Through silent fields of space’
And set my earth spinning in its place


Sometimes I’m frightened by the power of your hand
But I know you understand
For you lived here as a man


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