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Making Stuff

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In our church, about four or five times a year, the ladies get together on a Saturday morning to make cards. All the stuff belongs to one of the ladies who used to do crafting as a business. So we open the church at around 10a.m., get the room ready (10.15), make tea or coffee (10.30), lay out all the stuff required for the session (10.45). Then the other ladies start arriving so we have a chat and then get down to work (11.15). The session is due to finish at midday, but never does. I wonder why?

We really have a great time and it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at making stuff there’s always one of the others to help out.

When I was at junior school, Friday afternoon, last lesson, was always craft. I have no idea why this was, but it was always the same throughout my four years at that school. And I dreaded it!!

Apart from knitting, I am absolutely useless at making stuff. Give me a pair of knitting needles instead of a pair of scissors and I’m happy……

2008-04-19 004

….presented with a blank canvas consisting of coloured paper, glue, card, pencils, transfers etc, I am utterly hopeless! I have not one iota of creative talent in my body. I love knitting, but I can’t make a thing without a pattern. My mind just goes blank!

However, help is always at hand at the card-making sessions and eventually I manage to turn out some quite respectable work. I even sent two of my Easter cards to family this year!!

I remember in senior school in the first year in Domestic Science we had to make our cookery apron which, it was intended, would be worn whilst doing cookery from the second year onwards. It was blatantly obvious to my teacher that I had two right hands (I’m left-handed!). The first thing we had to do was to cut out the various parts of the apron (bib, skirt, waistband) then sew them together. Easy I hear some of you say. Not for me. My teacher finished it off for me so that I wouldn’t be the only girl without an apron. The same thing happened when we had an exhibition of work for parents’ evening. I chose to make a tea cosy, but got into such a mess that – yes – my teacher finished it off. Incidentally, I won a prize for it!!!!! So, you get the picture.

Now, this set me thinking about Creation. Imagine nothing, absolutely nothing. Dark, empty nothingness. Now look outside your window and see what’s there. Trees, flowers, birds, probably an animal or two. We breathe oxygen, we drink water, we feel the warmth of the sun (not in U.K. at the moment!!).

God had a blank canvas and He made everything. There is nothing that we eat or use that hasn’t first come from the earth. Absolutely nothing!

And that’s not the half of it, because after creating the heavens and earth, He made Man in His own image. Just think about yourself and how you walk, talk, eat, sleep, laugh, cry……. The list is endless.

Every time I think about Creation it makes me feel very humble. Let us be thankful for a loving, giving God who made all this.

You can read all about it in Genesis 1 verses 1 – 31.


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