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As Much As You Want

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Someone pointed out to me recently that this Blog is called “God and Asda” and there’s been plenty of God but not much about Asda. There can never be enough God in my opinion!

Nevertheless, I suppose I ought to try and redress the balance. I don’t intend this to be an advertisement for Asda (other supermarkets are available in the town). So, here, for the first and the last time, is a photograph of our local Asda.

Newton Abbot 006

When I was young there were, obviously no supermarkets in U.K. and strict opening and closing hours were enforced. This meant that no shop at all should open on a Sunday. Mum just had to make sure that she bought all she needed on the weekly shopping expedition into town. Sometimes we would go to the small local shops – there were two grocers, a fruit and vegetable shop, a newsagent, a haberdashery shop and a fish and chip shop. (I visited there recently and they are still there after all these years!)

None of those establishments ever opened on Sundays. However one week, something must have been forgotten on the Saturday excursion because Dad and I went to the one of the grocers. I think he took me along as back-up defence or maybe he thought the grocer might take pity on a poor little child! I can’t remember what it was we wanted, but it must have been important for Dad to go and ask. Dad rattled the shop door, then banged on the window. Finally, the grocer emerged from his living quarters into the shop and started waving his arms about as if to say “I’m closed”. Dad pleaded with him to open the door, but the shopkeeper was adamant – he would not open on Sunday no matter what. Dad suggested that the transaction be done in the house part of the building, but the grocer simply said: “No, I’m not allowed to sell anything on a Sunday”. I can remember my father being, shall we say, somewhat irate, but to no avail. Rules were rules and that was it.

Now, of course, the larger supermarkets are open almost all year round with just a few hours in the week when they close. We shouldn’t really take this service for granted and those of us who remember “life before Asda” really appreciate it. Ever since the advent of such huge organizations, we can get almost anything at practically any time of day, including Sunday (until 4 p.m.!)

There is, of course, something that is available twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Quite simply it’s God’s abundant love and mercy. You can have as much as you want and it’s all free. No special offers; it’s the same for everyone

Have you ever thought about God? I mean in a physical way. How do you imagine Him? We all have a picture in our mind’s eye and it’s probably something like this:

But, you see, it doesn’t matter how you picture Him, whatever you think He’s like, He’s always there, listening to your prayers and sometimes even delivering before you ask! His love never runs out, it’s always there. He doesn’t have holidays, He doesn’t have days off (or even off days!). He’ s there, just waiting for you to talk to Him. He’s your Best Friend, Your Counsellor, and He gave His only Son that you should have eternal life He knows you inside out because He made you in the first place.

Give Him a chance to come into your life. You won’t regret it.


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