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Which Way?

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I saw in the press recently that the boy band “One Direction” is breaking up to go their separate ways.


Now this brought a smile to my face; how can One Direction be different ways? Watch this space – or, rather, their website if you are remotely interested.

But, as usual, this got me thinking about directions.

My sister and I went to Plymouth recently and just as you enter the city it’s necessary to negotiate several roundabouts, traffic junctions and lane changes. Now this might seem easy if you do the same journey day after day, but for someone like me on a one-day visit, it’s a nightmare. I have to say that the other drivers were very considerate but it doesn’t help when you suddenly realise that you’re in the wrong lane heading away from your destination! However, we managed to get to the park-and-ride, did our shopping and returned to the car. Time to find our way out! Of course, it wasn’t just a simple matter of doing the incoming route in reverse – oh, no! So, we found ourselves suddenly heading right into the city centre. O.K. so the ideal thing is to watch for the overhead directions, get in your lane and go. Bu then, the overhead signs suddenly changed to local destinations – the long distance one which I was following disappeared! I’m pleased to report that we did manage, eventually, find our way home. Next time I’ll go by train!

We shouldn’t ever get lost, though, considering all the navigational aids available to us. I don’t have a SatNav, so it’s maps and road markings.

This reminded me of another situation somewhat similar. We often go walking in the countryside and always take either a step-by-step guide or some sort of instructions. Not many pathways have signpost – and, if there are any, very often there’s nothing on them!

Sometimes in cities signposts can be very confusing……

Other times, very specific:

So how can we trust any signpost? Maybe someone has turned it round – maybe it’s been broken off by vandals, maybe it’s illegible through years of rain. Which way do we go in these situations?

My husband and I on one of our walks came across two signs to the same place pointing in opposite directions. After some discussion we decided to follow the left-hand route. We walked and walked for miles until we realised that we were lost. Should we press on, going deeper into the unknown, or should we turn around, go back and start again. We did turn around and we found the right-hand sign was the correct one. In no time at all we were back on the road home.

Many of us will have, at some time in our lives, had to make the decision on which way to go. It could be within a marriage, job, financial situation, or in our spiritual lives.

Thirty years ago I made the decision to turn around and follow Jesus and, believe me, it has been a really exciting time. I’ve been to places I never new existed on my circuitous route to where I am now. But He knows were He wants us to be, where we’ll be the most effectively used for His purposes. If you haven’t already made a decision to follow Jesus, why not do it now?

(Taken from Ecclesiastes 3 verses 1 -8)


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