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Nativity Photo Shoot


Some years ago, my daughter was asked to write and produce a short dramatic piece about Christmas, and, as I wasn’t allowed to see anything before the actual performance, I had no idea what was coming. What she came up with amazed me.

As the curtains opened, we saw the stage filled with a Nativity Scene – A Star, Angels, Shepherds, Wise Men, Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus in His manger. You could have heard a pin drop!

Nativity Scene

Suddenly, in burst a photographer, apologising for being late. “Where’s this wondrous event?“ he asked. He said he didn’t have much time to arrange the group properly but it was obvious to him that there were going to be too many people “in the shot”. He then set about squashing people in and moving them about, just to get his picture “perfect”. He moved the Shepherds to the front, sitting cross-legged, then the Wise Men were made to stand at the back, with Mary and Joseph in front of them. The animals had to go, of course – they wouldn’t keep still! But the photographer still wasn’t happy. He said that the Baby would have to be removed so as to fit everything else in.

How many of us have, at some time or another, moved God aside so as to get on with our busy lives? The excuses can come thick and fast:

“I can’t go to Church on Sunday because……….” (Family visiting, going out with friends, Car Boot Sale, etc. etc”)

I can’t read my Bible because……. “ (Too busy, too noisy, can’t fit it in, etc. etc”)

“I can’t pray because………” (Too busy, can’t think what to pray about, can’t concentrate, etc. etc”)

There are millions of reasons why we can’t do something, but one vitally important why we should.

God made us and He loves us. He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us – that’s YOU as well! He cares for us and is concerned with everything we do, say and feel.

So, come to Him each day, even for just a few minutes, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to your day.

I love this poem:

    I got up early one morning and rushed right into the day;
    I had so much to accomplish that I didn’t have time to pray.
    Problems just tumbled about me,
    and heavier came each task,
    “Why doesn’t God help me?” I wondered.
    He answered, “You didn’t ask.”

    I wanted to see joy and beauty,
    but the day toiled on grey and bleak;
    I wondered why God didn’t show me;
    He said, “But you didn’t seek.”

    I tried to come into God’s presence;
    I used all my keys at the lock;
    God gently and lovingly chided,
    “My child, you didn’t knock.”

    I woke up early this morning,
    and paused before entering the day;
    I had so much to accomplish that I had to take time to pray.

    (Grace L. Naessens)

God Bless.


2 thoughts on “Nativity Photo Shoot

  1. Yup, true. We shouldnt create excuses when it comes to God, especially when he doesnt create excuses when it comes to us.

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    a different web page and thought I may as well check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to looking at
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