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Go For It!

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A few days ago I joined the Facebook community. Now this might sound a bit silly to those of you who’ve been there since its inception, but I think it’s pretty cool (for an old ’un!).

I had always steered clear of anything that smacked of “mass hysteria” – not for me, I said. I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. But everyone was doing it. I had toyed with the idea at times, but always resisted. Something told me it wasn’t for me. Why follow the crowd? Why do what everyone else was doing? Actually it was just plain stubbornness and in the end I relented.

At first I was completely baffled by what I saw. What’s all the fuss about, I thought. I just couldn’t get into it. What do I do next? O.K., put up some photos, but which ones? Deciding was quite difficult as there were so many to choose from. I opted to give as little information about myself as was necessary in order to proceed. And that was that – sit back and see what happens.

Wow! Within a few minutes I’d got a couple of “Friends” (people from my church) and then I was asked if I knew their friends – and just like Topsy, it grew and grew.

So, I’m having fun and I wish I’d done it ages ago. One thing I will say, though, it’s very addictive! Once I’d been on and had seen what happens I wanted to keep going back to see more. I’d suddenly found that something I considered to be only for people with nothing better to do with their time was, in fact, pretty O.K.. I now belong to a huge world-wide family who share their thoughts, hopes, dreams and ideas and I love it!!

And this made me think how much my experience of Facebook is like my pre-Christian life. I couldn’t understood what people saw in it all. Surely if God is everywhere, I thought, why do they have to meet together?

Are you in that situation right now? Not sure what happens behind the closed doors of a church. Why do these people keep going each week? What’s it all about? Well, I’ll tell you one thing. If you choose the right church, it isn’t a bit like you might imagine! In our church we have people of all ages, from one to eighty-eight, our worship group is brilliant, we have birthday parties, we have film shows – and we all love Jesus.

Even if you don’t believe that Jesus died for you, you must have some sort of belief – it’s the human condition. If you only believe the “Big Bang” theory, tell me who lit the fuse? If you don’t believe in a Creator God, then just think of the birth process of all humans. It’s an amazing miracle that a baby grows from a tiny seed and is unique – there is no other person on earth like that child. YOU are unique, God made YOU special. And He loved YOU so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins (wrong-doings, that’s all that is).(John 3 verse 16)

Please don’t sit there wondering what goes on inside the church. Step inside, meet the people, sit at the back and watch. You might even get hooked – as I was with Facebook. Let me know if you want me to pray for you – He answers ALL prayer.

God Bless you.


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